Attention to detail

Integrated Safety and Security Agency “Novikov” provides comprehensive services in the field of security at various events. We work at international and parliamentary forums, sporting events, private shows, exhibitions, concerts and many other special events.

Our team is ready to assume responsibility for the safety of activities at any level. If you are planning an event with the participation of important persons, we can assure you that they will be comfortable and safe, even if they are the first people of a state.
We do not deal with security in the usual sense of this word.

However, we can assure you that your event will pass as planned or even better!


We are proud of our experience, as we have achieved the following:

• More than eight  years of successful work at international events such as the SPIEF, APEC, G20, G8, B20, the XXI session of the Asia - Pacific Parliamentary Forum in Vladivostok (APPF), Events within the framework of the Russian Chairmanship Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Festival of short Films "Koroche" (or "In Short") of the Baltic sea Forum, Russia Forum, etc.;
• We have conducted more than 40 events with the participation of top officials and foreign delegations;
• More than eight major sporting events such as the Olympic Games in Sochi (Paralympic Games), the Student Games in Kazan.
• More than 70 private indoor events and exhibitions, such as the BMW Secret Lounge and the BMW Golf Cup International, the presentation of the new AUDI A4, NAMI;
• We ensured security at events with more than 110,000 participants;
• We ensured personal safety of the Chinese Trade Minister Chen Deming and the famous Limp Bizkit band;
• In our work, we take into account all details; for example, we know how to prevent leakage of confidential information;
• Our employees have a real legal, law enforcement and military experience, and have undergone an anti-terror training;
• We have our own base of reliable employees, consisting of more than 200 people.


• All our employees have undergone compulsory military service;
• They have more than 12 years of experience at various events of state level, as well as at major congress events with the participation of foreign delegations;
• They have been trained in the field of congress and exhibition activities, mass and cultural events;
• All employees meet high requirements as to the level of physical fitness;
• Most of the staff speak foreign languages (the level of English is not below average);
• They have a uniform of two kinds (camouflage, formal suits).


• We guarantee that only those guests who are definitely on the guest list will attend your event;
• We guarantee that all tangible assets entrusted to the custody will remain safe;
• We guarantee that there will not be any unauthorized photos and video materials on the Internet and in the media;
• We assume responsibility for providing safety at events of any level and complexity.

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