Jobs for applicants

The quality of "CSA Novikov" begins with our employees. It is their professionalism, competence, commitment, which makes the "CSA Novikov 'leading provider of security services in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Currently we are looking for customer-oriented employees with a wide range of skills - from the flexibility to ability to respond effectively in difficult situations.

We accept people with different skills and experience to ensure the safety of our customers. Our management uses a quality management system to continuously improve our services and the performance of new employees. Our coaching allows our employees to be heard, to grow and develop.

By joining us, you will be able to discover the most exciting and interesting events in the capital. Join our team and interesting work become part of everyday life.

"CSA Novikov" will keep your resume on file for six months. As soon as a vacancy that meets your data, we will contact you.

Thank you.

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Office in Moscow

+7 (499) 408-37-89

Office in St. Petersburg

+7 (812) 408-37-89